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On Easter Saturday I did this post:

Well, that’s that, then: our planned (and paid-for) ship visit to Fred Olsen’s Black Watch is off. We were due to go next weekend, for the Saturday morning, in Southampton. Sadly it looks as if I won’t be able to go because my achilles tendinitis has flared up again.

For those of you who have never experienced achilles tendinitis, let me tell you that it is both excruciatingly painful and deeply disabling. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, the problem that affects some users of keyboards, is a close cousin: they’re both problems affecting tendons becoming damaged and/or inflamed as they move back and forwards through or across various bits of cartilage. Both ailments essentially render the affected extremity unuseable until the attack is over. In the case of achilles tendinitis this means that you can’t use your foot. You know, the thing you walk with….. As an attack can last anything up to two weeks in its acute phase, next weekend is definitely out of the question; experienced cruise passengers will know that there is a lot of walking necessary on a cruise ship, even a comparatively small one like Black watch.

In fact, I even have a slight worry about our cruise on Ventura on 22 May. There is essentially no cure for tendinitis, only palliatives. The attack will die own in its own good time, and the only way you can help that along is with immobility and ice packs. After the attack is over phyiotherapy can help, perhaps, but it’s a long-drawn out process; as I say, I may still be feeling the effects in 7 weeks’ time when we start the cruise. At worst, I still may not be be able to walk. Ouch, again….

To my great surprise the tendinitis has disappeared during the last few days. That day (Easter Saturday) was the worst day, but by the end of it, perhaps thanks to the ice packs & the Ibuprofen, it was feeling a bit less painful. It was better still on Easter Sunday, and on Easter Monday it was good enough for me to go out for a walk round a couple of shops in Bakewell. It’s continued improving since ten, so unless there’s a sudden deterioration we will be going to Black Watch on this Saturday. We’ll even be able to see Ventura and Azura in the distance.

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