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I picked up some more images of P&O ships in the Panama Canal over the weekend.

First there was Artemis. She was coming back into the Caribbean (i.e. from the Pacific to the Atlantic) and I was able to grab some good images from the Panama Canal Miraflores locks webcam of her entering the lock, being lifted up to the higher level, and then exiting it and moving onwards.

Then there was Oceana. She was coming from the Caribbean towards the Pacific. She’d had a lot of bad weather, heavy rain and bad visibility, but this is the tropics and someone on the cruise had described it as like being in ‘hot fog’. Unfortunately I couldn’t get very good pictures of her: she was in a lock further way from the webcam and for a long time she was obscured by a very large Wallenius car carrier (is there a more ugly type of ship than them?). But eventually the car carrier moved on  through and I was able to grab one decent image of Oceana. I think that’s a Holland-America ship behind Oceana.

Oceana at Gatun Locks

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