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A new camera

I posted some while ago that I was becoming very tempted to buy a new digital camera (a Canon EOS of some variety or other) and I that I knew I had to fight this urge. Well, I weakened….

Just over a week ago Val & I visited our local photo shop, Harrisons Cameras in Sheffield. It’s a local family company, staffed by people who know photography. It’s generally not the cheapest shop, but it offers advantages in other ways. We went in there about 10:45 and Jonathan Harrison, one of the partners, proceeded to spend about 45 minutes with us, on a Saturday morning, demonstrating the featurs of the EOS 500D camera; and at the end of that effort he’d made sales of two cameras with standard zoom lenses (one for each of us) plus a single extra long zoom lens (since we’ve got compatible cameras we can share ancillary equipment). I don’t think Val has used hers yet, but I’ve been over the fields near home a few times and have taken a new ‘Two Trees’ picture: you can see my Two Trees portfolio here.

This was a purely selfish purchase – iI didn’t really need this camera at all, and I will probably spend quite a bit of money duplicating the lenses I’ve already got with the Nikon outfit. But the Canon feels right in my hand in a way that the Nikons never really did, so I’m happy. And I’m keeping the Leica, so I shall continue to use that on occasion.

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