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A couple of weeks or so ago I posted here about (among other things) my indecision over which camera system to take on the cruise. In the end I did indeed take just the Leica and my three lenses, plus of course a selection of films. These included several rolls of Ektar 100 print film, a couple of rolls of a Fuji 800 print film (for inside Hagia Sophia) and a few older rolls of Kodak 100 slide film. I shot seven rolls altogether, and they’re currently with Harrisons Cameras in Sheffield for processing. I’m also getting low-res scans done, so next weekend I should have some results to show.

However my pre-cruise GAS attack (hint: GAS means ‘Gear Acquisition Syndrome’) came on with redoubled vigour while we were away; I kept seeing all these people with seriously good (and expensive) DSLR systems. Given an absolutely free choice, I have a strong feeling that an EOS 5DMkII + 24-105 f4 L lens would be mine – I saw several people shooting with just this combination. Tasty. (And heavy, too, I’ve no doubt.) Since returning I’ve been scouring the retailers’ websites researching prices. Message to self: “You do not need a new camera. You do not need a new camera. You do not need…” Will it work? We’ll see.

What made it worse was that Val, somewhat to my surprise, ditched her compact digicam and took a small EOS film SLR with her – an EOS 300N (I think) plus its 28-90 kit lens. She said she preferred using this to the digicam. Once or twice I got to play with it, and I have to say I found the EOS very familiar in my hands: everything was exactly where I expected it to be, and it just felt right. Oh dear….

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