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At the risk of sounding repetitive, this has been Another Perfect Day.

We docked sometime before we woke at 7:30 – certainly, when we looked through the curtains Solstice was already moored in Tourlas harbour. An early breakfast revealed Ruby Princess also at Mykonos, but anchored in the bay in front of the old harbour. We took the Celebrity shuttle bus ($10 – grr….) into town, then walked around for a bit before we found our way to the bus station at the southern end of town and got a bus to Platy Gialos, where we arrived at about 10:40. (Buses to Platy Gialos are on the hour and half-hour, buses back are at 10 and 40 minutes past the hour, and the fare is 1.40 euros. We bought all our tickets at various mini-markets. We also bought water at the same time – a litre of water cost just 1 euro.)

So we spent a couple of hours on loungers at the beach (cost 10 euros), during which time I did the Mediterranean Total Immersion thing (i.e. I went swimming), followed by lunch in a restaurant above the beach. We had garlic mushrooms, greek salad and a pasta & chicken dish, all of which we shared between ourselves. That, and a large bottle of sparkling water cost 26 euros; but because we had used the restaurant that owned the loungers, and had also spent more than 20 euros, we got the 10 euros we’d spent on the loungers knocked off the lunch bill.

After bussing back to town we found Katerina’s Bar and had a bottle each of Alfa beer on the terrace over the sea and facing the windmills – it was as beautiful as the last timne we were there. One rather strange thing, however – it turns out that not all of the buildings along that street, all of which face the water at the back, have been turned into bars/restaurants. The building next door to Katerinas looks like it’s still a private residence, with small balconies over the sea. We were surprised to see a middle aged Greek (presumably) lady appear in this balcony wielding a fishing rod on which was a lumnp of bread. She cast the line into the sea, and we watched as multitudes of small fish attacked the bread. This was repeated several times. The we saw that the line had gone tight, and she was reeling something in; this turned out to be a small flat-shaped fish which she took off the hook and dropped into a plastic carrier bag eside her chair. The carrier bag continued to shake and vibrate for quite a few minutes before the fish had expired. The whole performance was repeated at least once more with another fish a few minutes later.

We were back on the ship with plenty of time to spare before going back on deck for the sailaway, after which we visited the Sunset bar for a couple of glasses of red wine (Malbec, since you ask, and at $6 a glass not too bad a deal). Now all we have to do is drag ourselves down for cocktails & dinner….

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