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Just a quick blog entry to record the main points of our call at Santorini. Solstice arrived in the caldera at about 1:20, a bit ahead of our scheduled arrival time of 2pm. Already present were MSC Musica, Splendor of the Seas, Royal Princess, and Gemini (formerly Superstar Gemini of Star cruises, now chartered to Quail). We stopped almost directly off the dock below Fira – there was no intermediate stop alongside Athinios to disembark excursion passengers. Tender tickets 0, 1 & 2 were called at 1:45, and holders of all three of those numbers were allowed onto one of the Santorini large tender boats. It took about 10 minutes to fill up the tender – we had an excellent seat on top – so we set off at about 1:55. We docked at just after 2pm, walked straight to the cablecar station where there was a minimal queue – mainly just a queue to pay, in fact – and (allowing for a couple of minutes wait for the cars, plus the actual transit time) we exited the top station in Fira at just about 2:15. So it took us 30 minutes from having our tender number called to getting to Fira.

We wandered around Fira town for a short while to stock up on bottles of water. Hint: don’t buy from the ship, it’s expensive. We bought two half-litre bottles in Fira town for the grand total of 1.60 Euros. During this time we observed the queue for the downwards cablecar, and it was long – it wound round in a circle, in fact.I think there were still some people for Musica (due to leave at 2pm, but still embarking passengers after that time), plus the RCI & Princess ships. We noted this with some concern.

Then we walked to Imerovigli, a small village about 30 minutes walk from Fira town, enjoying the views and the warmth, and taking pictures. In Imerovigli we found a bar and drank some some sparkling mineral water & ate an icecream each – and then we walked gently back to Fira. Once there we found another caldera-edge bar. A bottle each of Mythos was consumed, then more mineral water, and at about 6:45 we headed for the cable car. We had to queue for about 15 minutes or so, but then we were straight onto a tender and quickly back to Sosltice – it was about 7:15 when we got back, with the lights of Fira town beginning to appear in the dusk above the ship. It was an absolutely wonderful day.

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  1. wansbrough says:

    I have stumbled across your blog and as a fellow blogger may I congratulate you on a well laid out and very easy to read blog.
    You are now bookmarked and also linked from my blog.
    I have just realised you are away at the moment so hope you are having a great time.

  2. […] the caldera was pretty empty on both of those days. Even so, there were queues for the cable car. We were last there in 2009 on Solstice, and that day was a busy one – at least four other ships, of varying […]

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