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A Sea Day

Today has been a sea day, and we have spent it relaxing on the cabin balcony and exploring the ship.

The cabin seems (to me) to be very spacious. The arrangements of Solstice’s balcony cabins alternates, and our’s (7246) has the bed by the window and the couch nearer the door.The cabin is perhaps longer and a bit narrower than any we’ve had before, but that in turn means that other aspects of the cabin, e.g. the amount of room in the bathroom, are good. The balcony feels spacious and the two chairs are very comfortable. So we were happy to spend quite a bit of time there.

After a somewhat late breakfast we started the day by seeing the maitre’d to ask for a change of dinner table (the reason for this is explained in our first post), and this was achieved (but see later!). Next up was the transit through the Straits of Messina which we watched from the cabin balcony. Being on the starboard side we had a good view of the Sicilian shore, with Messina town less than a mile away. By 11 o’clock Solstice was just about moving into the open sea beyond the straits, which meant that we were able to go to the Cruise Critic Connections party without missing anything. At the party we finally met the people with whom we’d been exchanging correspondence for so many months and we had a good talk to a number of people; this was especially enjoyable after our rather silent dinner last night. At noon the party broke up and we went back for some more balcony sitting, until 1pm when we decided to try lunch in the main dining room, and this was a very good meal. It was ‘open seating’ and we had some good company with more good conversation – a couple from Australia on a 5-week European holiday, and a couple from N Carolina.

After dinner we did yet more balcony sitting for a short while, before deciding that we needed to something to quench our thirst and that we ought to take some pictures of the ship. So we went to the Mast Bar, starboard side – the sunny side. This was also the smoking side, but although we could see people smoking we didn’t get any smoke anywhere near us. There was a good breeze over the deck so this may have had an effect. A litre of sparkling Pellegrino between us was a good thirst quencher, and after that we roamed the ship for about ninety minutes taking pictures. I’m afraid we can’t post any – for various reasons we’re both using film cameras, so images will have to await our return to Sheffield. Sometime around 5:30 we found ourselves in the Oceanview buffet so we had a quick snack and a cup of tea. We also met a couple from the Connections group, and more good conversation resulted.

Now we’re getting ready for dinner – the first formal night. We don’t know where we’ll be sitting, however! When we left the maitre’d at 9:30 he gave us a new dinner card with a table number on it, but when we went back to the cabin after lunch there was another card with a different table number waiting for us. So we might have some fun this evening.

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