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I'm back….

It has been a very long time since I last posted anything here, which is not good! All I can say is that as our interminably long, wet, cold summer dragged on  – a ‘barbecue summer’* it was not – I found it increasingly difficult to turn my thought to anything other than just getting through it. But these last few weeks have been very pleasant – while it hasn’t been warm it has been dry and mostly sunny; today for instance the temperature is about 17 or 18 degrees (upper 60s for those still working in old money) but we have bright sunshine, and I spent a very pleasant hour on the bench at the bottom of the garden in the sun.

At last our cruise is just about here – we leave for Heathrow tomorrow lunchtime, and fly to Rome on Monday morning. Then we have 11 nights on Solstice! It can’t come soon enough, it seems to have been a very very long wait this time. This is odd because last year our Ventura cruise started on exactly the same day – 28 September – but I don’t remember the summer crawling along anything like so slowly.

There has also been some agonising about picture taking on the cruise. As the year as gone on I have hardly used the Nikon DSLR at all – I certainly haven’t bought anything new for that system. My plan (less than 24 hours before leaving…) is just to take the Leica, the the three lenses I’ve got (35mm, 50mm & 90mm) and some rolls of film, and see how it goes. But I still feel awfully tempted to go out and BUY SOMETHING!!! Surely that would make my photography better…. Of course I know it won’t, and the big advantage of the Leica outfit is that I can’t blame any shortcomings in the images on the equipment, they’ll be down to me. So that’s the plan. The one big drawback to using the Leica is that it’s back to film, so getting images onto the web takes a few more steps.

Finally, I hope to blog from the cruise, so bookmark this space.

* : Back in May the UK’s Meteorological Office promised us a ‘barbecue summer’, and mentioned temperatures of 30 degrees or above on occasions. I haven’t seen temperatures anything like that; it’s been cool and cloudy for most of the summer. Bah!

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