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I’ve done a few blog posts about my interest in photography, and the Leica equipment that I bought during 2008. I’ve continued to use it, and continue to very much enjoy it all; in fact I’m probably using it more than I expected. Below are (I hope) a couple of examples of recent pictures taken with the Leica and one or other of the lenses I have.











These two images were taken on the same walk in the countryside one day in early March. They were taken on Ilford XP2 film and professionally developed, but I scanned the negatives myself. I believe the country lane was taken with the 50mm, while the other was taken with my 35mm.

I am now beginning to wish I had something longer; a Leica 90mm would be ideal. This will have to be a second-hand purchase, however; I certainly can’t afford a new Leica 90m f2 Summicron ASPH – I have cruises to pay for, and one of those lenses would cost almost as much as our forthcoming cruise on Solstice. But hopefully I’ll be able to get a s/h Elmarit before the summer.

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