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Azura and Aurora

A quick update on a couple of P&O issues.

First, Azura. During a conversation with my usual on-line travel agent yesterday I was told that Azura’s summer 2010/winter 2011 cruises will go on sale on 30 March, and that details of them (itineraries, dates, prices) plus further information about the ship will be available around 20 March. There’s no other information available yet, except that there is going to be a ‘big push’ on Azura during this period. Itinerary details for the rest of the P&O fleet won’t be available until after 30 March, and bookings for the other ships won’t open until the latter part of April.

Secondly, Aurora. Currently on her world cruise, I gather she is having problems with engine (or shaft) bearings: she has had to reduce speed to 13 knots and her itinerary is under threat. The good news is that it seems the relevant spare parts are on board, and a that a team of fitters from the supplier is traveling to Auckland to meet her there and do the necessary work. Hopefully she will be able to continue on her cruise after that, although her schedule may need to be adjusted. She’s supposed to be at Wellington on 5 March and Napier on the 6th (both of these in New Zealand, of course) but I gather she’s presently making straight for Auckland where there are suitable facilities for the repair. How long she’ll stay at Auckland isn’t clear yet, but that’s not a bad place to be delayed (as long as it’s only a delay, of course).

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