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On Saturday I received a booklet from P&O giving more details about their under-construction ship, Azura. She’s physically a sister to Ventura, and therefore also Emerald Princess and Ruby Princess (as well being a very close cousin to the rest of the Grand Princess class). P&O have a website here, but that’s all the information they’ve given so far. The booklet I received on Saturday filled in some of the blanks but not all of them – still no detailed deck plans, for example.

Although she’s going to be physically very nearly the same as Ventura it seems likely that P&O are going to market her differently.  The almost complete absence of the word ‘family’ from the booklet is noticeable, for example. I spotted two mentions: one in the section about the SeaScreen (aka ‘Movies under the Stars)’, where the phrase ‘family favourites under the sun’ was used; and again in the epilogue, where the phrase ‘multi-generational families’ was included in a list of groups to whom Azura will appeal. In fact, in chapter 6, there’s a mention of “a select number of multi-occupancy staterooms… sleeping 4-6 people” – I thought it was significant that these were specifically not described as ‘family cabins’. And there is absolutely no mention of children’s facilities. This is contrast to the marketing of Ventura, where the provision of family facilities is given a strong mention. Azura, it seems, is not being marketed to families (although there will be family facilities on board). Another hint of the direction for Azura will be the provision of (some) single-occupancy cabins, a first for P&O.

Let me go back to that comment in the booklet epilogue. This is it in full: “Her appeal will be far-reaching, from couples to singles and from groups of friends to multi-generational families, but the experiences she will offer will always be stylish, sophisticated and wonderfully serene.”. I think it sums up where P&O are intending to position Azura.

We’re told that an Azura brochure will be available in March. I’m increasingly attracted to Azura so I’m looking forward to mine.

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  1. Malcolm says:

    Tom, like P&O: Cunard’s two ship have the normal family facilities (kids club) but the brochures make virtually no mention of them. So you can bring your kids if you are in the know, but they don’t really encourage it in the marketing.

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