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Just a quick blog entry to say that I visited The Lowry today, in Salford Quays, to visit the exhibition “A Long Exposure – Pictures from 100 years of Guardian Photography in Manchester”. The Guardian newspaper (formerly The Manchester Guardian before it went national in 1959) has had just 7 in-house photographers in the 100 years since they appointed their first in 1908. This exhibition displays a selection of work by each of them. Each image is both news-worthy but also exhibits great artistry and technical expertise. I was familiar with the work of the more recent photographers (Denis Thorpe and Don McPhee especially) but not with the earlier ones, and it was good to see earlier examples of excellent press work. It also put those later photographers’ work in context, and you can see that they were continuing a tradition.

It’s an excellent exhibition, and I thoroughly recommend it. Here are some links:

First, The Lowry itself; next, a Guardian column about this exhibition; third, a similar page about Don McPhee; and finally, one for Denis Thorpe.

Denis Thorpe’s book ‘On Home Ground’ is very strongly recommended.

(Personal confession: if I could take *one picture* as good as some of Denis Thorpe’s or Don McPhee’s I’d be happy. The other thing I realise when looking at these images is that it isn’t about the equipment, it’s about the photographer. Any problems I encounter in my photography are to do with me, not the equipment I’ve got.)

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