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More about Solstice

I’ve found another couple of links to pictures and information about Celebrity Solstice.

First, Bart de Boer’s excellent ‘Ship Parade‘ site has an entry in its ‘Ship Alphabet‘ for Solstice. Select ‘C’ from the alphabet at the top, then ‘Celebrity Solstice’. Make sure you click on ‘More Photos’ and (especially) ‘Interior Photos’ on the left. There’s also a stunning picture of Solstice leaving Fort Lauderdale in the ‘Picture of the Week’ series, which you can find from the  Ship Parade home page.

Secondly, ‘Ernie’ (ekroller) has posted these pictures in his ‘MobileMe’ gallery. There should be a review from him soon; I’ll post a link when it’s available.

(Not that I’m interested in Solstice, you understand….)

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