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So it’s going to be called ‘Azura’ – Ventura’s sister-ship. Hmm…

Not a bad name, I suppose; it has a pleasant sound and there’s that all-important P&O ‘a’-ending (think Canberra, Arcadia, Oriana, etc.). But it doesn’t really mean anything, and it certainly doesn’t hark back to any of P&O’s traditions. Someone pointed out that it would fit well as a Princess name – ‘Azura Princess’ (or Azure Princess), and that sounds all too plausible. But I’m sure everyone will get used to the name pretty quickly.

What’s more interesting are the comments made by P&O MD Nigel Esdale at the keel-laying ceremony: “It is also appropriate for a ship that will be a haven of serenity…”. Some reports over the sumer indicated that Ventura was anything but a haven of serenity, with 800 children on board on one school-holiday cruise. Will Azura be child-free? or just not marketed as being family-friendly quite as much as Ventura has been this year?

More details of Azura’s facilities and layouts are promised sometime in November, and detail of her first season’s itinerary (which will start in  spring 2010) will be published early next year.

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  1. Barbara Anderton says:

    I agree about Ventura NOT being a haven of serenity! When we were aboard (September 2008) it wasn’t the children who caused the problems but their noisy, beer-swigging parents. I’m afraid the whole ship is geared to a different class of passenger. Children were allowed to run riot in the bars during all hours and the so-called “adult comedian” would have made a navvy blush – and he was in the Tamarind Club which is more or less a public thoroughfare with children passing through at all hours. We certainly won’t be travelling on the Ventura again.

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