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My last post about the actual cruise details will be, appropriately, about the last act of the cruise – disembarkation.

Before that, though, just a few words about pre-disembarkation activities. We berthed at the Mayflower terminal at almost exactly 6:30. It was still dark, but I could see Queen Mary 2 already berthed at City terminal, while Queen Elizabeth 2 was turning (or being turned, by tugs) down at the QE2 terminal. But it was too dark to see much, or take any pictures. Later, as we disembarked, I was surprised to see that Amadea had arrived as well, and was berthed between Ventura and QM2. On return to the cabin, Val gave me her report on the in-cabin hairdryer – it did a job, but wasn’t as strong or as handy to use as her own.

Now onto disembarkation itself. To be honest it was all quite painless (well, apart from the actual feeling of leaving the ship). We had packed and put the first couple of suitcases out during the afternoon, and the last two at bedtime. I think I mentioned a few posts ago that we had swapped our original 11am disembarkation slot for one at 9:15. Cabins have to be vacated by 8am, so we were in the Tamarind Club by just before that time with all our hand luggage. Our 9:15 group was actually called at 8:45, so instead of suffering delays we were ahead of time. Then we spent some time in various queues – to get off the ship, to go through customs (quite short, that one – not many people declaring things), to find our cases in the baggage hall and load them onto trolleys, to exit the baggage hall, and finally (and very briefly) to get our car keys back from CPS. Altogether this took 30 minutes, and we were actually unlocking Val’s car at 9:15. Then we just drove home, arriving here at about 1:45 –  about four and a half hours, including a couple of brief stops. And that was the end of our cruise.

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