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Last night was the last formal night (of four), and we had a good time. I’m sorry if this blog is getting boring with no complaints! However, this evening we once again hit the one difficulty we have experienced throughout the cruise, and that’s the wine service in the restaurant. Basically, the wine waitress is just that, a waitress – she’s not a sommelier. She doesn’t know the wines, and she’s not equipped to offer advice. Also, she has a lot of tables to cover, and I think our table is at the top of her list. This has tended to mean that she has been asking us for our wine order before we’ve decided on our meals. Of course, we ask her to give us more time, which she does; but there’s then quite a wait while she does the other tables before she gets back to us. Then the wines are delivered in the order that they’re ordered. Yesterday evening we didn’t get our wine until mid-way through the soup course. Let me say that this isn’t a criticism of this particular wine waitress – I think the others are the same, and indeed we were somewhat aware of a similar problem on Oriana in the early summer. This all contrasts with our experience on Celebrity, where the sommeliers are exactly that, are able to offer advice, and (in our experience) are able to offer advice to passengers choosing from different ends of the wine list.

Today is our last full day on board; a sea day, cruising through the Bay of Biscay. Once again, the weather has been good to us on a sea day – it is dry & sunny, and the sea state is moderate. But there is a bit of a breeze across the deck (not surprising, given that we are traveling at 20 knots) and there is no longer that warmth in the air that there was in the Canaries. We are about 47 degrees north, whereas in the Canaries we got as far south as 28 degrees north, and there is clearly a difference in the air temperature. We had a pleasant sit on the balcony (starboard side) between about 12 o’clock (ship’s time: BST + 1 hour) and 2 o’clock and it was sheltered, sunny and warm. Then we went to Ramblas once more for tapas. Now it’s 3:45 or so – we’ve had our last walk around the promenade and we need to start packing. We’ve decided to put out a couple of bags this afternoon, and then a further couple of bags when we go to bed. That will just leave hand luggage tomorrow.

Val has just been experimenting with the in-cabin hair-dryer (she brought her own and has mainly been using that). However she’s decided that she will pack her own and use the in-cabin dryer tomorrow morning, so we’ve just tested it. It seems to work OK, but it’s got a US-style two-prong plug, and we can only see one socket of that type, just to the left of the dressing-table mirror. One more thing about it, though – when I plugged it in I heard a bit of a ‘crack’, and it turned out that I had to click the Reset button on the plug to get it to work. But it seems to be OK – multi-settings, and no need to hold the on button permanently.

So that’s just about that, I think – it’s the last day and I’m nearly out of internet minutes. I’ll do some sort of summary after we get home tomorrow. However, a precis of that would be: we’ve had a great cruise, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being on Ventura.

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  1. caspall says:

    Enjoyed your blog. Just wanted to let you know – we always order our wine in advance (unless on the 1st night). we get the wine waiter to give us the menu for the next night and we then choose the wine after seeing what we’re going to eat.
    I have noticed that there are fewer wine waiters nowadays – more cuts I suppose.

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