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Just a short blog today, from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

We booked an excursion called ‘A Taste of Tenerife’, which featured a visit to an old village/town (La Laguna), which was very pretty (especially after the sun came out). Then we went to a bodega – Bodega Alvaro – for a wine tasting. I’ve been on these before, and generally there are two or three thimble-sized glasses of not especially-good wine. Well, at Bodega Alvaro the ‘not especially good’ bit was about right, but the ‘thimble sized glasses’ bit was completely wrong. Whole bottles were uncorked and left on the table…. They also produced snacks, so we were busy scoffing and slurping. That was that, really – it all got quite rowdy fairly quickly.

Back to the ship for 1:45, a quick cup of tea, then we fancied a small bite to eat. Tapas in Las Ramblas seemed to be the answer, with which yet more wine was consumed (this cost money but was of much better quality). Now it’s 4:30, we’re sat down blowing bubbles, and we’ve discovered that we’ve been invited to meet the Captain and one or two senior officers for a party at 7:45. I think I need to sleep a bit first…..

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