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Laguna Pool

Laguna Pool

Dinner last night was semi-formal, so out came the jacket and tie. One of the other couples on our table were dining at East so we were down to four but we still had a good time. Fo the meal itself I had a butternut squash soup, lasagne verdi, and more cheese, while Val had the same soup, roast beef, and a dessert; and we shared a half-carafe of house red to accompany it. Plain cooking, perhaps, but niely cooked, and very enjoyable. Then we went to a comedy show (Martin Beaumont) which was pretty good, very much in the ‘one-man-show’ style of comedy, and which we enjoyed.


There are frequent changes of ship’s time during this cruise as we switch between Spanish & Portuguese time; La Coruna (yesterday) was Spanish, Madeira (tomorrow) will be Portuguese; then back to Spanish for Tenerife and Gran Canaria; Portuguese for Lisbon; back to Spanish once more for Vigo; and then back to UK time. So last night we had an extra hour in bed. We met a couple at breakfast who hadn’t noticed the clock change advice, and who had got up at 6am ship’s time and who were therefore very hungry by the time they actually got to breakfast. We had no difficulty sleeping the extra hour –  the cabin is very quiet and comfortable and we are sleeping better than on any previous cruise.

This morning we went to a cookery demonstration in the Tamarind club. Two of the chefs cooked a few dishes from the East, White Room and Ramblas menus, and they looked and smelled truly delicious. On the strength of them we are going to try a meal in East, and perhaps in Ramblas. (Incidentally, we were told that East is also doing Tapas-style snacks, from this cruise onwards.)

After that we went to the gym to find out the procedure, how the machines work etc – we wanted to exercise by walking on a treadmill. Unfortunately there was no-one available to tell us anything so we left, a bit annoyed. We decided instead to try a walk around the promenade deck, and in the end did 5 brisk laps which is well over a mile. We’ll repeat that on future days, I think.

For this afternoon there are no plans, and we’ll take it easy – I have a new 900-page book to read that i’ve barely started. Tonight is another formal night, and I think we’re going to the show before dinner.

4 Responses to “Ventura Cruise – Day 3 (at sea)”

  1. Thomas Ryan says:

    Hi Tom, just to let you know that the time in the canary islands is GMT and not spanish time. My wife and i are enjoying reading your blog as we have some friends on the same cruise. We are going to meet them in Santa Cruz on Saturday.

    Kind Regards
    Tommy and Wendy

  2. Malcolm says:

    Hi Tom, I recall that in the past you dreded sea days. Are you coming to terms with them now?

    Some folks like them better than the ports of call.



  3. tomtotley says:

    Tommy – re Time Zones – thank you! I had assumed that the Canaries were on Spanish time.

    Malcolm – sea days: I do seem to be getting used to them. Perhaps, as well, there are more things to do on Ventura than there were on Galaxy.

  4. Malcolm says:

    Tom, it’s only a matter of time before you positively look forward to them!

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