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Ventura at La Coruna   




Ventura at La Coruna


We were booked on a walking excursion around La Coruna, starting mid-morning and lasting until lunchtime. This was good, both interesting and informative. The guide was a native of La Coruna, and in his talks he took great pains to describe the links between Galicia & La Coruna and the British Isles, both in earlier times – he talked a lot about Galicia’s celtic heritage and its connections with other parts of the Celtic fringe such as Ireland, Wales and Brittany – and also connections with England and the UK in subsquent centuries, for example the period around the Armada, and the Napoleoni wars. There’s not much in La Coruna that’s actually really old – it’s been sacked on a number of occasions – but the town certainly seemed pleasant and certainly the views across the harbour were good.

We returned to the ship at 1 o’clock and went to the Waterside buffet for lunch. Once again, there was no real problem finding seats, and service seemed good.

After sitting on our balcony for an hour – we were on the sunny & sheltered side – and getting quite warm, we headed off to do some more exploring. We found the Oasis pool, the gym and the spa, and various other facilities located high up and forward. What we also found, and were quite suprised about, was several decks of lounger-space. I think that there is open deck space as high as deck 18 – that’s three decks higher than the main pools. Obviously these aren’t complete decks, but because there’s isn’t anything else on them except open space, they provide a lot of room for loungers. I’m surprised therefore by all those complaints that the decks are crowded. Yes, it is busy around the pools (where, to be fair, you also have hot & cold running waiters), but just go a couple of decks higher and there will probably be lots of space. We ended our exploration at Breakers Bar and drank a Perrier each before heading back to the balcony to catch some more rays before the sailaway.


The sailaway was very windy and cold – during the afternoon the wind had picked up considerably, out of the north, and on Deck 15 and higher it was definitely chilly. Coming out of La Coruna the ship turns 180 degrees so what starts as the sunny and sheltered side ends up as the windy and shady side. We stood on the port side – shady & windy at the start – and hoped it  would get warmer as we turned. Well, we got sunny, but not really any warmer. The sailaway party was pretty much over by 6:20 and everyone was streaming below decks. But the views into La Crouna bay were attractive, and the north Galician coast west of La Coruna was beautiful and memorable.

That’s it for today – tonight’s a semi-formal evening so we’re getting ready for dinner.

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  1. LLL says:

    found this post Googling La Coruna images. I took a Ventura cruise here in 2011 and absolutely loved it. Thank you for the memories 🙂

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