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Formal dinner tonight, preceded by the Captain’s Reception. We were in the location (Havana Club) that had the captain himself (supported by the Cruise Director) – there was at least one other, simultaneous ‘Captains Reception’ elsewhere in the ship. It was all a bit strange – the CD announced the Captain, the Captain gave his set speech, and then just finished and strode off, followed by the CD. Maybe, in fact, he was hurrying to the other Reception…. but he didn’t take the drink with him so that was OK.

Dinner itself was a good meal. I had pheasant terrine to start, followed by venison with a ‘Haggis Gateau with Neeps’, all of which was actually very rich and tasty. Val had a goats cheese & asparagus mousse-thing, then monkfish & prawn chowder, and a lamb main course; and we washed it all down with a bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape. Service was good, and I was especially pleased that when I asked for ‘english cheese & biscuits’ for dessert (which was not on the menu) it was duly provided, complete with apologies that there was only a selection of 4 different cheeses.

Then we repaired to Metropolis for a couple of post prandial drinks – malt whiskies for me, including one (Scapa) I’ve never had before and scarcely ever encountered, and a couple of Pimms Royals for Val. When we returned to our cabin we discovered that Ventura, which had been so steady & stable up until then, had developed an entirely new motion – a sort of ‘spinning’ effect. Most strange….

Breakfast this morning has been a careful and restrained affair. Now we have an hour or so to wait before we go ashore for a Historic Walk around La Coruna old town.

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