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 We slept quite well – the cabin had cooled down – but not for long enough, especially as we had to put our watches forward an hour. Breakfast was taken in the Cinnamon restaurant – healthy option for me, ‘full english’ for my wife. Then we walked around the ship and took some pictures; had coffee in Tazzine; and went to a ‘port talk’ about the first three ports of call. This turned out to be mainly a description of the various excursions that would be available, but that was OK as one of the ports, La Coruna, was only put into the itinerary last week and we now know what our choices are. Sitting for a while on a lounger overlooking the Terrace Pool took us handily up to lunchtime which we had in the Waterside buffet (salad, mostly). Then we sat near the Laguna Pool for  while before joining an impromptu gathering of CC posters at 3 o’clock in Metropolis. A drink there followed by a sit by the Laguna Pool again took us to 5 o’clock, at which time we went back to the cabin and sat on the balcony – the sun now having come round to the west. A very pleasant and relaxing day at sea, in fact. The weather has been beautiful, and Bay has been kind to us.

So far we haven’t had any problems getting space, either on the decks or in the buffet, so (on this cruise, so far) our worries about this aspect of Ventura have been groundless. So many other reviews mention this that we were getting quite concerned that this would spoil the cruise. Perhaps it’s the makeup of the passenger list – there are a lot of older passengers, including quite a number in scooters and wheel chairs. There are very few children on board, just 54 or so, and these are almost all babies, toddlers and infants; obviously the fact that it’s term-time has a huge impact. Neil, the CD, came to the Metropolis gathering, and he told us that on one cruise there were 600 children. I think the on-board experience for that cruise must have been different from this one. Certainly on this cruise it’s the internal lounges and spacs that looked busy – the shops were full, as were spaces such as Tazzine and the Red Bar.

Tonight is the Captain’s reception followed by the first Formal Dinner. I’ll report on that tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Ventura Cruise – Day 1, at sea”

  1. Rex Lees says:

    Thank you for your Blog I read it with interest as we will be on Ventura on the 24th October for her maiden transatlantic. Have heard that Neil Oliver is leaving the ship soon for leave do you know who will be the Cruise Director then?

  2. Sue says:

    Have a great time and I hope the weather will be hot and sunny. Someone from Oceana in the Canaries at the moment has posted and said it is nice and hot – 81.
    Do try to get to see a few shows… CHRONICLES was really good on Ventura a few weeks ago….we were on second sitting and went to the shop after, it finished about midnight. Did the Captain appear at the welcome aboard party? Was there any nibbles? It was no to both these questions for us.
    I was only on the weekender, but know all the bars you are talking about now. We liked Metropolis right up on deck 18 I think…a crows nest but at the back instead of the front of the ship with web cam -real-time video walls of major cities every night. Inc New York and London.
    How do you find out how many children are onboard?


  3. Greybeard says:

    Fascinating to read your comments Tom. I look forward to following how the rest of the cruise goes. Especially interesting to see how Ventura copes when it’s not so full of children. We shall be on board in the Caribbean from November 21 and, like you, I will be hoping that the first few months’ teething troubles will have been sorted.

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