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Immediately after writing the first blog entry I went down to the CyberCentre on deck 5 to arrange some internet time. There several packages available; in the end I decided to go for the top package, 250 minutes for £40. (I know, I’m sad.) Doing so gave me a couple of extras: first, there was an embarkation day offer of an extra 20 minutes with that package so I’ve actually got 270 minutes; and secondly, again with that package, I was given a network cable to take back to the cabin, so I can connect my laptop from there, rather than having to haul it down to a wifi spot (basically, the public rooms only).

After arranging that, it was time to get ready for dinner – smart casual was the code for tonight. We’d booked Club Dining, and we’re on a table for 6 in the Bay Tree restaurant. Dinner was at 8:45; some people, including us, had read somewhere that it was at 8:30 but apparently on these first two nights it’s 15 minutes later. So after a bit of hanging around we were in the restaurant. We’re on a table ’round the corner’ on the port side, by a window, which is perfect fine. We met our table companions, two couples living in Peterborough & Oldham respectively, and had a thoroughly pleasant meal – good food and good company. I suppose you couldn’t say the food was ‘gourmet’ but it was tasty, hot when it was supposed to be, and in sufficient quanity without being too much. We left dinner pleasantly full but without feeling stuffed. Then we had a gentle walk round part of the promenade to look at the wake, and then back to cabin for bed.

Tomorrow is a day at sea, but finishing with the Captain’s Reception and a formal dinner. First, though, the clocks go forward – our first port of call (on Tuesday) is in Spain. And the cabin seems quite a bit cooler tonight.

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