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It’s the day before we go on our Canary Isles cruise on P&O’s Ventura. I shall be blogging from the cruise. I hope to give an accounts of each day, and perhaps some pictures as well.

Just to remind you of the itinerary:

Sunday 28/9 – embarkation at Southampton;

Monday 29/9 – at sea;

Tuesday 30/9 – La Coruna (a late change to the itinerary);

Wednesday 1/10 – at sea;

Thursday 2/10 – at sea, arrive at Funchal, Madeira, at around 7pm;

Friday 3/10 – Funchal;

Saturday 4/10 – Tenerife;

Sunday 5/10 – Gran Canaria;

Monday 6/10 – at sea;

Tuesday 7/10 – Lisbon;

Wednesday 8/10 – Vigo;

Thursday 9/10 – at sea;

Friday 10/10 – return to Southampton and disembark.

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  1. Malcolm says:

    Hi Tom, nice to hear from you live at sea. We found Lisbon pleasant to walk around and the castle’s up the hill is nice.

    Do take an excursion at Vigo, the town is pretty uninspiring.


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