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A quick update, the first for some weeks – the tickets for our cruise on Ventura have arrived. It’s a 12-night Canary Islands cruise from Southampton, starting at the end of this month. We’re looking forward to it immensely – it’s been a long (non)summer and we haven’t really had a holiday yet.


Why do I describe it as a ‘(non)summer’? Well, the Met Office issued this summary regarding sunshine (in England & Wales) for August:  “The provisional total for the month is 115.9 hours, which is 67% of the 1961-1990 average. Dullest August in series back to 1929. Previous dullest was 1954, when 123.7 hours was recorded.”  Then there’s the rain: the Met Office report for August was like this: “The provisional total for the month is 139.8 mm, which is 154% of the 1961-1990 average.” So it’s been gloomy & wet….. In fact it’s been wet all year: Yorkshire, where I live, has had 140% of average rainfall for the eight months this year to the end of August. We haven’t been walking to the shops, we’ve been paddling. And as for enjoying the new garden we put in last autumn: no chance!


We’re ready for our cruise.

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