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I received a letter from Celebrity a week or so about our planned September / October 2009 cruise in the eastern Mediterranean on Solstice. I’ve been officially informed that for operational reasons the scheduled call at Rhodes has been cancelled; instead, the cruise will feature an extended stay at Kusadasi (the port before) until midnight followed by a day at sea (replacing the call at Rhodes) before resuming the published schedule at Athens the day after. This change was known about and has been commented-on quite widely in various cruise forums. Interest heightened when someone posted the following reply they received from Celebrity Cruises after writing to them:

Rhodes, Greece was recently removed because the ship would have been calling on a Monday. Unfortunately on Mondays in Rhodes, there are no museums or tour operators that are open. Therefore Celebrity made the decision to cut the port of call and extend the stay in Kusadasi until 11:59 PM and leave the rest of the day at sea.

I’m really not sure about this: one wonders why Celebrity scheduled the call on a Monday at all, if there are problems with that day of the week. To me it looks more like a fuel usage decision:  from Kusadasi to Athens via Rhodes is quite a long way round, whereas I suspect that the ‘day at sea’ will actually be spent going very slowly (and economically) in a straight line from Kusadasi to Athens. It’s certainly disappointing: I enjoyed Rhodes on our last visit (on Galaxy) and had been looking forward to returning.


But not to worry! In the meantime, let’s enjoy another picture of Solstice, with a link to more of the same:


Solstice emerging

Solstice emerging

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  1. Malcolm Oliver says:

    “Unfortunately on Mondays in Rhodes, there are no museums or tour operators that are open”

    Tom, You would think a museum would open and tour operators open specially when 2000+ customers people turn up on your dooestep!

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