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We had a seat on a table for 8 at second sitting for dinner. My wife firmly believes that, when on a ship, her evening is not complete (or rather does not properly begin) without a pre-dinner cocktail, so by 8:15 we were in the Tiffany Lounge where she got stuck into a ‘Pimms Misty’, which she reported as being ‘more ginger-y than expected’. I had a glass of he house Californian White; let’s just say that it was obviously house wine!


At 8:30 we moved on to dinner in the Oriental restaurant and we were a bit surprised by the queue up the stairs onto the Prom deck – the restaurant doors were still locked, and there was a short wait. We were shown to our table where we met our companions – a mother & daughter from Birmingham (originally Scotland), and a couple from the Forest of Dean. And two empty seats – there were just 6 of us at our table for 8. Our companions seemed to be P&O veterans, and stories of cruises on P&O ships past & present were soon being recounted. Being P&O virgins we kept quiet at this stage.


Dinner itself was good. Not great, but (for me at least) perfectly fine. I had a butternut soup, a prosciutto and pasta dish, and cheese & biscuits, all of which was good except the choice of cheese – I’m a fan of english cheese, and the initial selection was of continental soft cheeses, and Stilton. Oh for a bit of Cheshire! The waiter duly brought me a couple of lumps of cheddar. My wife had a prawn and apple cocktail, the butternut soup, a fish dish which she said was a little dry, too much veg, and icecream.


One other observation – there was very little wine available in the restaurant by the glass (in fact, just the house wine I believe). Our experience on Braemar last autumn was the same; both contrast with the practice on Galaxy where there were many wines available by the glass, including always the ‘recommended wine of the day’. Odd that these two UK-based lines don’t do the same.


Then we had a nightcap in the Crow’s Nest, and (in my case) a quick stagger round the Prom, and we retired.

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