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One week to Oriana

We’re ready to go! Well, apart from packing; but as the cruise is from Southampton, and is for only 4 days, we don’t have to go through the ‘is the bag under 20 kgs?’ dance that we’ve done on many other cruises. This time we just drive to Southampton and hand over as many bags as we feel like taking with us….. But all the other things are done: we’ve decided on our excursions (not taking any, in fact); we’ve got our € currency; we’ve got car-parking sorted out (indeed, that’s been done for months – because we booked this cruise a long time ago, we qualified for free parking with CPS); and we know our route to the port. So roll on the 31st of May.


I keep doing the ‘this time next week we’ll be….’ thing. This is silly, because in just a few more days it’ll be ‘this time next week the cruise WILL BE OVER!’ So, here’s a memo to myself: try to live in the moment – after all, there are fewer moments to come than the number of moments you have had….

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