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I posted a couple of entries here earlier this year on this question. These were prompted by the fact that because Ventura, P&O’s new liner, was delivered a week or so early, an extra very short (2 night) cruise was scheduled at the last moment to take place before the ‘Maiden’ cruise, and indeed before the naming ceremony. There was quite a bit of discussion about this issue on various boards. Opinions were split. Some felt that as P&O had advertised Ventura’s 14 night cruise on 18 April as ‘The Maiden Cruise’ it was a bit naughty of them to suddenly announce a pre-maiden cruise a week before. Others argued that the whole concept of a ‘Maiden Cruise’ was only marketing speak anyway; by the time you took into account the voyage from the shipyard, the crew shakedown voyage, the whole concept of a ‘Maiden’ voyage was silly.

It seems that some passengers on The Maiden Voyage – the official ‘Maiden’, that is, on 18 April – have decided to take P&O to court to seek compensation. Among their arguments are the fact that they paid (they claim) a premium price for the privilege of sailing on The Maiden Cruise which (they argue) wasn’t; and also that Marco Pierre White, whose name is used for the signature restaurant on Ventura, the White Room, was not actually on board for The Maiden Cruise, but was on board for the earlier two-night party cruise.

This might turn out to be interesting.

Here’s a link to the story, in a UK newspaper.

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