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There’s an interesting series of posts on Cruise Critic from someone who’s on the maiden voyage and is blogging from it. On day 7 the writer had this to say, on the very topic that I’ve been writing about:

I have asked a number of fellow passengers, folk conversant in the ways of ships, if there was anything about the Queen Victoria that made it particularly a Cunard ship and not a ship of some other line. They all thought it a good question, but not one of them could point to anything that marked this vessel as a Cunard vessel and not, say, a Princess one or a Holland America one…… What makes a Cunard vessel particularly Cunard is the staff, the persons who learn and carry on the traditions of the company. On my last few sailings on Cunard vessels, I have been seated at officers’ tables, the hosts of which had spent their entire careers with P&O/Princess. That is another wonderful seagoing tradition, but it is not Cunard.”

Interesting comments, I thought.

Here’s the link to the whole blog.

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  1. Malcolm says:

    I have recently returned from a Queen Victoria cruise.

    I think the Cunard décor is unique because there ships have a ‘traditional’ Ocean Liner style, based on the great ships of the past. Each ship has an extensive display of ocean Liner memorabilia and maritime art throughout each ship. Cunard exude a sense of tradition that no other line does. In fact it is their ‘unique’ selling point.

    Perhaps more importantly Cunard ships have a unique onboard atmosphere based on that sense of ‘tradition’, such as daily afternoon tea, and a cultural programme of entertainment and enrichment. There are no belly flop competitions and knobbly knees competitions on Canard ships, but you may get an Author, Playright, Journalist or Maritime Historian lecturing.

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