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Not, not the actual monarch – I’ll leave that to David Starkey. I’m talking about Cunard’s new ship “Queen Victoria”. She arrived in Southampton on Friday and was christened by the Duchess of Cornwall yesterday.

I did a post a few months ago about her, or specifically whether or not a ship that has near-identical sisters in four other lines can be representative of the traditions of the company she’s actually sailing for. At that time I probably tended towards the opposing view, but I’ve changed my opinion now: even though the ships may be very similar, as long as the differences inherent in the lines themselves are implemented on board, then whichever ship you’re talking about is a true ‘whatever’ ship. In other words it’s perfectly possible for two quite similar ships, e.g. Carnival Spirit and Queen Victoria, to be a representative Carnival ‘fun ship’ and a classic Cunarder. It depends, I suppose, on the attitude of the staff on board as much as anything.

There have been quite a few photos of her at Southampton, but these are some of my favourites.

So I’m probably a convert, and from what I’ve seen of her interiors I’d like to cruise in her. Queen’s Grill class, of course…..

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  1. Tom Burke says:

    I ought to make it clear that the excellent photos of Queen Victoria’s arrival are not mine.

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  3. Malcolm says:

    Tom, having done ‘crossings’ on all three Queens, I do think much of the Cunard experience is about their on board atmosphere.

    Much of this is generated by the excellent enrichment programme (the opposite of the mass market ‘Belly Flop’ style on board activities), staff attitude, levels of food and service and the tradition decor. I should not forget like minded passengers who are often interested in the history of passenger ships.

    Therefore it is probably possible to recreate the Cunard experience on just about any ship with some adapt ions.

    Mind you I’m still no fan of ‘clones’.

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