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Well, everything suddenly came together late this week. The loss adjusters finally got the inspector’s report onto their system and authorised the replacement company to replace all our items, and most stuff duly arrived within 24 hours. We’re waiting for a few more items that weren’t available at immediate notice, but it should all be sorted out by the middle of the coming week. So we have been pretty fully idemnified.

A couple of observations are in order at this point, I think. First, if you’d asked me a month ago to put a value on the various items in my house I wouldn’t have said ‘£8000′; yet adding up the figures on the original receipts, that what it all came to. Secondly, we are wondering what we should do about protecting our property rather better than at present. I’m loath to go down the road of turning my house into Fort Knox, but lots of people have suggested that the fact that we didn’t have a burglar alarm at all on the house was a bit of an invitation – neighbours’ houses with alarms were not burgled that night. The alarm doesn’t even need to do much, just obviously be there. But am I indeed ‘inviting’ burglars by not having obvious protection on my house? Surely, locked doors and windows ought to be enough?

And we are of course hiding things more than we did. Most of the computers that were taken were laid out on a couple of desks in a ‘home office’, for our convenience. In the event this was also very convenient for the burglars, of course – thye just unplugged them and picked them up. In future the laptops will be turned off and put away out of sight. This will be less convenient for us, of course, so are we letting the burglars win? I don’t know, but it’s certainly the case that we have shifted our position towards security and away from convenience. Ah well – such is the world we live in.

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