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Little to report on the burglary, unfortunately.

We reported it to our insurance company on Sunday 11 November, and they immediately appointed a company (“Ival”) to settle the claim. During the following days we had numerous conversations with Ival, produced a list of stolen & damaged items, copy receipts, etc, sent it all to them, and by the following Friday we seemed to be about to reach a settlement. Then suddenly the insurance company decided that they wanted to involve a firm of Loss Adjusters. I didn’t get to talk to them until the following week, of course; it took a few days for them to get details from the insurance company; and in the meantime they decided that Ival had better stop. So everything ground to a halt.

It was decided that a Loss Adjuster ought to come to my house and interview me, but the nearest appointment wasn’t until the 29th. When she came she was busy scribbling on pieces of paper, and told me that her laptop was broken. However at the end of the meeting she said she would recommend settling the claim, but that because her laptop was broken she would have to fax the paperwork to her company. I winced a bit at this thought.

I waited a few days as she suggested, then called her company. No, they had no knowledge of her report. No they didn’t know what was happening to it. A fax? Ah, well, they receive hundred, possibly thousands, of faxes every day; they get attended to in sequence, and the person I was talking to couldn’t say when mine would get transcribed onto their system… if it had been received at all… and she couldn’t check on that… actually, no-one could…. I just had to wait. Grr….

So I wait. It’s been three and a half weeks so far, and I still don’t actually, formally, know where I stand. And of course it’s approaching Christmas and everything will close down until after New Years. Grr….

Actually there was one area of progress. My wife’s jewellery was being dealt with by a different team within Ival, and no-one seems to have told them not to continue. So they appraised the jewellery and then sent us a charge card to be used at a particular jewellers to replace it. When I mentioned this to the loss adjuster who called, she seemed quite surprised; indeed, she didn’t seem to know anything about Ival’s involvement at all.

As I said at the top, the right hand knoweth not….

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  1. Sorry to hear this Tom.

    Although we have not been burgled (yet) we are paranoid about it. It’s so very commonplace and happens in every street. You can bet it was someone local watching your movements. Personally we always leave lights on when we are out, get the mail collected when we are on holiday. We also have a house alarm (possibly a deterrent, but not foolproof of course).

    It shocks me that some people announce a family wedding in the local papers i.e “Please burgal us as we will be out all day” Also the people that tell the entire street their holiday dates or post their holiday dates or on the Internet!

    Personally I try not to own to much expensive stuff that could be easily stolen. For example, I’d not buy an I-phone and use it in public (even if I wanted one), until they were cheaper and less desirable. It’s just too risky.

    I saw a middle aged guy get beat up by a gang, on a London train full of people, and his laptop stolen.


    Beware: Sorry to scare you, but sometimes the burglars wait a few months until you have replaced everything and strike again! (People are often daft enough to replace everything, store it in the same places as before and NOT even increase the security measures).

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