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The New Garden

We are currently having our garden rebuilt. I’m ashamed to say that although we have lived in our current home for almost 24 years, we have never got to grips with the garden. We are not gardeners, and other than keeping the lawn under control, we’ve done nothing to it. It doesn’t help that we know nothing about gardening; and just to make things worse, we have the longest garden in our section of the street.

All this is now changing! We employed a garden designer during the spring and gave her a brief something like this: we want a garden that we, non-gardeners, can enjoy for sitting out in; we want it to be child-friendly for when we sell the house (we live in a family home area; when we moved in our daughters were small children); it needs to be low-maintenance, or it won’t get looked after at all; and we want lot of different textures and shapes, to maintain interest. And our designer produced a wonderful plan with a mixture of paved areas, lawn, pebbled areas, a dry-stone river bed (that was my idea), some decking, paths of various types & materials, including stepping stones through the lawn, something that looks like sawn-off stones & pebbles but is actually concrete, and wooden sleepers.

Our groundwork contractor was able to start just a couple of weeks ago, and I have been taking pictures as he has gone along. Here is a link to the page I’ve created about the ongoing work.

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