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"Knocked Up"

On Saturday evening we saw the recently-released (in the UK) film ‘Knocked Up’. It’s not the sort of film I normally see – we didn’t see the previous film from the same(-ish) team, The 40 Year Old Virgin – but we had read good reviews of this one and decided to give it a try. I think we were the oldest people in the auditorium!

I think the best description would be ‘sweet’. There were many passages of surprising – well, ‘sweetness’ – between the two main characters. Seth Rogan especially played the role of slacker & would-be geek Ben very straight, very instinctive, but with apparently a lot of ‘inner-decency’ coming through. Allyson came across perhaps a little one-dimensional, as I’m sure that a young moman with a burgeoning career in TV, especially on in front of the cameras, would in fact be rather more upset about the situation than she in fact was.

We liked several of the main characters (almost a must, especially for my wife), we could live with the gross-out humour, and it appeared to have a happy ending. Perhaps it could have lost 20 minutes – for example I’m not sure what the point of the trip to Vegas was – but that would be my main gripe, and that’s not a major one. So for us, it was an unexpectedly enjoyable film.

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