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A tangled web….

I learned yesterday that P&O are shortly going to announce ‘new cruises’ for 2008. How can they do that? I wondered – I didn’t see any gaps in their schedules and believe me I practically know their 2008 brochure off by heart.

It turns out that the existing 7-night cruise on Oceana on 8 June 2008 (to Germany,The Netherlands &  Belgium) has been cancelled and a new 7-night cruise, to the fjords, put in its place. (Don’t ask me what those already booked on the originally-published cruise are going to do.) Also, a published 14-night cruise to the western Mediterranean starting on 14 November on Arcadia had been converted to a 12-night cruise starting two days later, and a 2-night ‘Weekender’ cruise (Southampton – Zeebrugge, for Bruges – Southampton) slotted into the space.

I was particularly interested in the switch to a fjords cruise for Oceana on 8 June.Regular readers will be aware that I’ve got a cruise on Ventura planned for autumn 2008. Well, the process that led to that booking started as a search for a suitable cruise on Oceana: we’d done a ship visit to her (pictures here) in July 2006 and liked her very much, and we also want to cruise the fjords. So if there had been a 7-night fjords cruise on Oceana in early June advertised in the 1st edition 2008 P&O brochure, I’m pretty sure we would have booked it. As there wasn’t I started digging around the brochure, and a few hours later I’d booked a 12-night cruise to the Canaries in September on Ventura… (it seemed to make sense at the time!)

And more: because the Ventura cruise isn’t until late September, that left a hole in spring/early summer. We’ve now filled it with a 4-night cruise on Oriana. All because Oceana’s 8 June cruise was originally published with an unattractive itinerary.

Which means I’m still looking for a fjords cruise on Oceana in June, but it will now have to wait until 2009 at the earliest.

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