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The Bourne Ultimatum

Last night we went to see ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’. Along with half the UK population, I believe – the film only opened here this weekend. What a good film! Readers of my previous blog entry on cruises will already know that I was pleased to spot scenes locations used in previous Bourne films: the sea-food market on the harbour at Mykonos that appears at the end of Bourne Identity as the scooter-hire shop where Marie is working, and there’s also a brief appearance  of the Stazione Maritimma (the Marine Station – these days also a cruise terminal) at Naples near the beginning of Bourne Supremacy. And in this new film there’s very good set of scenes on the concourse of Waterloo Station in London which I know well. So I’m a Bourne fan.

Quite by chance I saw Casino Royale for the first time last weekend so this gave me a good opportunity to compare  these two films. (The BBC News site has published some lengthy, tongue-in-cheek comparisons: see here.) I’m firmly in the Bourne camp: I’ve seen the James Bond films change from quite edgily-vi0lent and genuinely sexy at he beginning to camp and gadget-obsessed, and frankly a curiosity – how to make a 60s movie in the 21st century. And of course Mike Myers got far to close to the truth for comfort with the Austin Powers films. No, you just can’t watch Bond movies and lose yourself in them any more.

There is much speculation as to whether there will be a fourth Bourne film – in the USA the film has so far taken $150 million, and is expected to reach $200m. No figures in yet for international totals, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were to reach $150m to $200m worldwide as well, for a total of at least $350m. In the studios’ minds that sort of gross demands a follow-up. At the outset there would have been the great difficulty that there were only three books (even though the titles are the only real thing taken from the books), but of course there has been at least one more published since the success of the first film. My personal view is that I hope that a further film is not made. I felt that Ultimatum wrapped up the whole arc very satisfyingly. I think the series has come to a fitting and logical conclusion, and I hope it’s allowed to go out on the high note it’s achieved.

So – for the last time, cue ‘Extreme Ways’……

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