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Spring 2008 was looking a little bare, so our thoughts turned to holidays to fill it. Actually, we had promised ourselves that this time we would wait until – well, maybe not the very last minute, but until the last hour or so – before we booked anything. But that doesn’t work for us.

So we started thinking about what to do.We wanted just a short break, in late spring or early summer. Should it be a shore-based holiday, perhaps in Menorca or even a Greek island? Or how about a cruise on “Navigator of the Seas” – RCI have several 4 & 5 night cruises out of Barcelona in the spring.But no, it’s 4 nights on Oriana out of Southampton, to Rotterdam, Zeebrugge and Guernsey.

So that’s our cruising for next year. It’s a wholly P&O year: 4 nights on Oriana in the spring, and 12 nights on Ventura in the autumn. 

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  1. Dana says:

    Let the planning begin — enjoy!

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