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I was going to give the sort of detailed report today that I’ve been doing so far, but I’ve decided not to. I shall simply report that it’s 7:15 pm, we’re sat out on the port side Promenade Deck as we cruise along the NW coast of Rhodes on our way towards Santorini. It’s warm, there’s a breeze, the sea is looking a bit more lively (nothing significant, just a bit of spray coming off the waves in the breeze), and we’re watching Rhodes slip past us with the setting sun shining full on it. This is what cruising is all about.
(Also – my wife has inisted that I report a sad glitch in cabin provision, specifically in a subject dear to her concerns – the plumbing. The toilet stopped flushing late yesterday afternoon. We reported it and were told that there was a known problem and that it was being fixed. A while later we discovered that it was OK, but then more worryingly another hour or so after that we discovered that it had failed again. Again we reported it, were reassured that it was being fixed, but when we went back to the cabin after dinner it was still broken. So we prowled the ship looking for a working toilet (which we found), and when we returned to the cabin for bed it had been fixed and has been OK today. But it rather did spoil our enjoyment of dinner and the ‘Carnivale’ party on the Resort deck at 10:30. There, dear, I’ve told them…..)

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  1. Donna says:

    Too funny……….. have you ever considered writing a novel?

    I have so enjoyed reading your blog.

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