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Day 6 – Kusadasi

Day 6 – Kusadasi
Turkey today, our first visit to Asia. We were on a 3-hour excursion to Ephesus. Celebrity do a number of these but this one is the shortest and easiest – basically a procession from the top gate down to the bottom gate (maybe three quarters of a mile?), with frequent stops and commentaries.
This was a good visit – the ruins are spectacular, and our guide & his commentary was first-class. The commentary delivery system was excellent – a radio receiver that we were each given and a earpiece, so it wasn’t necessary to be constantly pushing to get close to the guide to hear what was being said. But as ever with these excusions there were so many visitors – I think Celebrity was running about 20 buses to Ephesus that day – that the simple press of people inevitably affects what you get from the site. But those other people were probably saying that about my presence of course – one person’s travelling is another person’s tourism. What it would be like if there were several ships in port together I can’t imagine. (Galaxy is alone in Kusadasi today.)
Then we went to a carpet shop in Kusadasi town where we were treated to a short presentation in which the proprietor explained the history of Turkish carpet-making, and the different types of carpet. We then allowed ourselves to be shown some carpets. They were small (6′ x 4′), they were spectacularly beautiful, they cost €3,600…… We made our apologies and extricated ourselves.
It was very hot again today – last night’s ‘Celebrity Today’ said that the expected temperature in Kusadasi would be 40c/104f, and I’m prepared to believe it. We had planned on going back ashore in the afternoon and maybe going to a beach, but it would have just too hot in the heat of the afternoon so we stayed aboard, and spent several hours on loungers by the covered Oasis pool (with the roof part-retracted again). I had a swim in the main pool, and was able to check the condition of the poolside area. Everything seemed fine to me, and I can report that the hot tubs were working fully. In fact I’ve seen quite a bit of steady maintenance taking place while we’ve been on board. I walked past an open cabin door on deck 8 this morning and saw that the floor carpet was being replaced, and this afternoon I saw that there were several crew members painting the inside steel (below the handrails) on deck 12 or 13. And I’ve also seen a number of ‘wet paint’ / ‘wet varnish’ notices on the open decks in a number of places. So Galaxy is being taken care of.
Rhodes tomorrow, and it’s forecast to be cooler – a mere 29c/89f. Almost cold!

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