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Day 5 – Mykonos

This was a day I had been looking forward to since sailing away last year and, with a change of plans due to the heat, it equalled my hopes.
For those who don’t know it, Mykonos is a very small island – about 10 kms north to south, and maybe 15 kms east to west. Mykonos town is about half way down the west coast and has a classic ‘horseshow’ harbour with buildings all around. There’s a good webcam here: http://www.mykon.net . Galaxy docked at a new cruise ship and ferry port (Tourlos) about 2 kms to the north, and there were shuttle buses (cost: $8 per person) from there to the northern edge of the town.
We got into town at 10am, and wandered around the narrow streets for a while. We were aiming for the windmills above the ‘Little Venice’ area of the town, which we hadn’t reached last year. Well, this year we did but it was very hot & dusty, and a trifle disenchanting to discover that most of the windmills are actually converted into holiday homes. But it was good to walk around Little Venice – we found a few spots we hadn’t been to before, and we also spotted some of the locations used in the final scenes of ‘The Bourne Identity’, one of my favourite films. We found the building where Marie runs a scooter rental and where the meet up at the end of the film, right on the edge of the water, but it’s actually called the ‘Sea Satin Market’. Cue Moby and ‘Extreme Ways’….
Then we went on the bus to Platy Gialos, a family beach on the south of the island (total cost €4.80 for two return journeys). We then hired beach loungers under a sunshade for €10, but found that if we had lunch at the restaurant to which the loungers belonged, the €10 would be knocked off the lunch bill. So we lay on the beach for 90 minutes, I did the ‘Mediterranean Total Immersion’ thing a couple of times, and generally had the most relaxing time of the holiday so far. This was followed by a simple refreshing lunch on the terrace of the beach restaurant with a couple of glasses of wine, and then we bussed back to town, where we had time for a cold beer in Katerina’s Bar in Little Venice. Then a long walk back round the harbour to the shuttle bus, and back to the ship. It’s very very hot again today, and our original plan was to spend time in the town followed by lunch and hit the beach in the afternoon, but it would have been too hot for us – temps were expected to reach 36 degrees, somewhere in the mid-90s. But I don’t think it’s been quite so humid this last couple of days.
One more thing – the price Celebrity is charging for water is annoying. We paid $3.75 + 15% gratuity per bottle for 1 litre bottles of Evian before leaving for Corinth yesterday. That was probably unavoidable. But today my wife bought a 1.5 litre bottle of water from the beach supermarket for €0.90. So if you can, buy your water when you go ashore.

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  1. ko says:

    I am enjoying your adventure, keep the info coming.
    We were on the June 1, I know you will love Ephesus that was our favorite and also Santorini. Well, I also loved Rhodes,
    great shopping.
    The Donkeys on Santorini are a must for anyone under 30.
    Say hi to Pedro & Joe in the dining room.
    The private driver in Naples in a great end to the trip.
    Pompeii in one hour.
    Take your time in Turkey, there is great saffron, leather.
    Kathy, Jen, Catie, Claire, Ashley & Heather

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