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Day 4 – Athens

Did I say it was expected to be hot today? It didn’t disappoint.
We had already decided not to do the Acropolis, etc, in central Athens – I felt that that choice was always likely to be hot & hard. So we went to Corinth, for a cruise on the Corinth Canal & a visit to the ruins of Ancient Corinth.
This was a good excursion, albeit with a 75-minute drive in each direction. The canal cruise was especially good – a quick cruise around in the open sea first, then a leisurely cruise up the canal to the far end, followed by a charge back down at some speed. The boat had an open upper deck, open bow & stern lower decks, and an inside saloon. Refreshements (‘mezes’) were served, but it was perhaps too soon and I didn’t participate. Cruising along the canal was very impressive, especially through the stretch with the highest walls (120 feet, I think) as Mariella our guide explained the history of failed attempts to build a canal across the isthmus, back to classical times.
Then we moved on to Ancient Corinth. This is basically an archaeological site with some interesting & photogenic ruins and a small but informative museum. The pottery, mosaic & other ceramics displayed here were very attractive, and brought home just how advanced in some of the technologies of civilisation the classical greeks were, 2,500 years ago. By this time it was getting hot, however, so when we moved outside the Celebrity umbrellas were unfurled (thank you for the idea, Stuart), people were moving from one patch of shade to another, and I’m afraid that even Mariella’s enthusiasm couldn’t inspire me to fully grasp the exact relationship between the Agora and other parts of the site.     Then back to the coach. We broke our journey  for 30 minutes at a spot where the main road crosses the canal, and were able to take pictures down into it. This was also a spot for refreshments & restrooms, and after that we went back to the ship arriving at about 3:20. Enroute the external temperature display in the coach reached 40 degrees several times – that’s about 104 degrees fahrenheit.

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  1. Wade Cadle says:

    Hi Tom, I am going on this same cruise in late August and this is great information. I hope it is not as hot though…:-)
    Thanks for all of your documentation as it is very beneficial to me. Looking forward to more from your adventure!

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