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Day 3 – a day at sea

This was another hot & humid day, so we just took it very easy. We sat inside next to the Oasis pool for several hours (and they opened the magradome roof part-way!), then in the late afternoon went down to the Promenade deck on the north side where there was a bit of breeze and lots of shade. One indication of just how hot it is, is that the open deck at the back of the Oasis Pool (right aft on deck 11), which last year was one of our favourite spots and was always crowded, is generally deserted this year – it’s too hot in the open sun.
Formal night tonight, and I have to say that I was impressed with the degree of observance. I didn’t notice anybody dressed completely against the policy, and I would say that among the men there was a high proportion wearing DJs/tuxedos. And a lot of ladies in very glamourous evening wear. One additional point on the dress code, taken from the ‘Activities & Events’ sheet, ‘Daily Dining Choices’: ‘Casual Dining Boulevard’ , which means Casual Dining (by reservation, 6pm – 10pm) and Sushi Cafe (5pm – 10pm): “The Dress Code is casual every day. Although in all other areas the dress code of the evening applies. We ask for your cooperation & consideration for your fellow guests.”.
Unfortunately, however, both I and my wife were not impressed with the actual dinner. The appetizer was excellent, but the salad was very unimaginative – just a big chunk of lettuce and some large tomato slices. Then my wife’s shrimp entree (Shrimp Marseillaise?) was disappointing – about 4 little shrimps, a bit of sauce & a few mushrooms, a lot of stodgy rice, and quite a bit of not-fully-cooked brocoli. I had the pasta which was OK, but not especially exciting (and I recognise that it was partly my fault for selecting the pasta on a formal night).
Athens tomorrow, and it’s going to be very hot again. Stuart (CD) made an announcement at dinner (!) warning everyone about the expected heat, and advising us to take lots of water & also take the umbrellas & use them as parasols.

2 Responses to “Day 3 – a day at sea”

  1. A.W. Turner says:

    Question about formal night: can you tell me more specifically what “the degree of observance” means? Did all the men have formal wear or dark suits, or were there a fair number in lighter colored suits? We were on Infinity 2 years ago in Alaska, and I took my tux and my wife had long, evening gowns, and we were out of place! Sport jackets, with ties, was the rule for men, and short dresses or pants suits were the preferred ladies’ attire. We’re going on the Galaxy next month and I am inclined to carry light, summer suits unless I will (again!) be out of place.

  2. Tom says:


    How many formal nights did you have on the Galaxy? In the past most of the men wore a tux? Was this the case on this Galaxy. Actually all the Celebrity cruises that I have been on, most of the men have worn tuxes.


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