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Day 2 – Taormina

Day 2 Afternoon: ‘Taormina on your own’ excursion.
This afternoon we went to Taormina on a bus, walked around for three hours, and got the bus back. This was hot, hot, hot – temperature well into the 90s, and very humid. We had intended to visit the Greco-Roman amphitheatre, but it was too hot to contemplate. So we walked very gently up Corso Umberto (the main street), walked back a bit, then found an open-air restaurant on a side street where we had leisurely lunch, then strolled aorund a bit more, then found a shady spot, sat down, sweated, and waited for the end of the excursion – it really was that hot. By three o’clock even the restaurants were closing, and by the last 45 minutes it had all become a bit of an endurance event. This was a pity as there are many interesting shops and other buildings in Taormina. But it was too hot to appreciate any of it.  Taormina  Actually, the drive to & from was quite spectacular – it’s along a motorway which is cut into the mountainside, and which proceeds through tunnels and aver viaducts. When it turns off to get up to Taormina the road spirals round and round in order to gain the height (hundreds of feet) and some of the views on the outer edges of the spirals are really very impressive.
And I should say that our guide was a pleasant & friendly young woman, a language student, who gave us a lot of information (in pretty good english) about Sicily & Messina, and about the places we were passing by. On the way beack she mainly played (by request) a CD of italian music; some peope were humming along, and others were snoring along….

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  1. Enrico says:

    Great Trip Tom!

    If you are still in Taormina be sure to taste the Cannoli and go in Castelmola to taste the Almond wine

    Best regards

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