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It's going to be HOT

We start the cruise on Friday – 10 nights around the eastern Mediterranean. And the temperatures in that region have gone sky-high. Messina (where we’ll be on Saturday) apparently hit 40 degrees today, and is forecast to stay in the very high 30s for the rest of the week. I enjoy good weather, but this may be too much. I’ve been reviewing our choice of excursions in view of these temperatures and I don’t think we’ll be too bad: we’re not going into Athens on Monday (expected high Sunday: 38!) so we won’t be tramping around the Acropolis in the heat, and similarly we aren’t going to Pompeii. We are supposed to be going to Ephesus; we’ll see how we feel about that when the day comes (and it might have cooled down a bit by then anyway). We are going to Taormina (near Messina) on Saturday, and we shall just have to take things very steadily when we do.

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