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We had everything sorted out. We knew at which ports on our forthcoming Galaxy cruise we would do excursions, and at which others we would do our own thing; Capri was definitely intended to be one of the latter. We went there on an excursion on last year’s cruise, loved it, and decided to go back this year, but on our own so that we weren’t tied to the excursion timetable. But we have just learned (from a returner from Galaxy’s first Med cruise of the season) that independant travellers hit problems a week or so ago. Basically, having gone over on an early-morning hydrofoil, they then found that the afternoon return trips were already fully block-booked by cruise lines (for their excursions, of course…), and that they had to return to Naples as early as 1:30. Goodbye to that leisurely lunch in Anacapri….

So what should we do? Book the Capri excursion (a mere £67 each…)? Book a different excursion, even though Capri is where we want to go? Or tough it out, roll with the punches and try to continue as previously planned?

I think I definitely want to do something independant so I won’t bother buying an extra excursion. But maybe we need to be a bit more flexible: perhaps an early hydrofoil to Capri, followed by the hydrofoil to Sorrento, and then return to Naples either by direct hydrofoil or by train? Or train to Herculaneum (or Pompeii), then continue on the train to Sorrento, and get the hydrofoil back to Naples? Hmm – lots of possiblities.

In the meantime, here are some pictures I took on Capri last year. You can see why we liked it.

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