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It’s a funny thing, this business of looking forward to things, isn’t it? We booked our cruise on Galaxy in July last year, and for most of the eleven months since then it’s been the most important thing on my personal horizon. But here I am with just under four weeks to go, and I’m almost discounting it…. Not that I’m not looking forward ot it, or don’t want to go – far from it, I know that I shall have a great time. But I have also got two more cruises booked, and it’s the second of these (12 nights from Southampton to the Canaries on P&O’s Ventura in September 2008) which is largely filling my thoughts right now. But I’m sure I shall write much in future blogs about that cruise.

There have been some ways in which I’ve been encouraging my interest & cementing my enthusiasm to our cruise on Galaxy. I’ve found a couple of good webcam sites for two of my favourite destinations, Mykonos and Santorini. The cameras are live, of course, so they do keep to Greek time, which is 2 hours ahead of BST and 7 hours ahead of EST. But I managed to spot Galaxy at Santorini a few days ago, and at last found myself wanting to be back there.

Roll on 22 June! – I know that when I walk onto Galaxy that day I won’t be thinking of anything else.

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  1. I know what you mean — I like to have at least one more trip in the hopper following the next trip. This time I don’t though so I’m totally focused on the Glaxy cruise (and the week in Provence following). 11 days to go for me 🙂

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